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TOK ORAL, guys!!!! *sweat* Is emotion an essential ingredient of…

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TOK ORAL, guys!!!! *sweat*

Is emotion an essential ingredient of scientific or artistic knowledge?  Can there be creativity without emotion?

Does anyone have ANY ideas?

xposted to my journal and ibatmlc

Edit: Yeah, so I'm working on the theory that "many famous masterpieces are known for the emotion that inspired them…", so even if you don't have an opinion on the topic, could you give me a hand with finding some famous paintings/sculptures/basically arty creations that were made based on an inspiration to do with strong emotion? I have some music and stuff already... I just don't know much about 'art'.
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On October 4th, 2005 06:50 am (UTC), tuppet commented:
That is pretty bad...

go look up the topics on the web site and do a 5 min. presentation and pretend you knew all along...?
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