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It's · an · IB · world

and we're all struggling

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can i ask if you guys are thinking of attending that OSC IB course thing during the sept hols? Ive spoken to one of you oledi i think. m debating whether or not to go. and also, if any of you have attended/ noe of anyone who has attended one of these courses and have found it helpful. 


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Quick Question:

Does anyone know what Texts we're studding throughout English A1 SL & HL??
I'm going to download Cliff and Spark notes for ALL!!!

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TOK ORAL, guys!!!! *sweat*

Is emotion an essential ingredient of scientific or artistic knowledge?  Can there be creativity without emotion?

Does anyone have ANY ideas?

xposted to my journal and ibatmlc

Edit: Yeah, so I'm working on the theory that "many famous masterpieces are known for the emotion that inspired them…", so even if you don't have an opinion on the topic, could you give me a hand with finding some famous paintings/sculptures/basically arty creations that were made based on an inspiration to do with strong emotion? I have some music and stuff already... I just don't know much about 'art'.
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hello! (:

i'll just follow suit.

i'm cheryl and my subjects are:
english a1
chinese b
mathematics hl
theatre arts

if ib didn't have tok it'd be perfect.

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Through random journal hopping, I found this community link on the maintainers journal. Seemed interesting so figured I would join and get acquainted with others =).

I'm Gianluca and currently live in Milan, Italy. I'm a Junior in an international/american school and in my first year in the IB programme. My courses are as follows:

1A/B History of Europe SL
3AB Spanish SL
4AB Visual Arts HL
5AB English A1 HL
6AB Math Studies SL [waaay to easy]
7AB Biology HL

Love the programme so far-- finally something to keep my focus on and stimulate my thoughts.

Right, excuse the short choppy post. School starts in a moment.

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For you all IBers..this is something that I
learned in TOK that makes me laugh....its an
alternative way to saying I don't know.

"The instability of your question leaves me with
several contradictorily layered responses whose
interconnectivity cannot express the logocentric
coherency that you seek. I can only say that reality
is now more uneven and its misrepresentations more
untrustworthy then we have time her to explore.
Any more questions? No? Then pass the cheese and crackers"

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Welcome Tashie!

And... I'm Anna. I'm doing English A1, Spanish ab initio, Biology , Psychology, History and  Mathematical Studies. I absolutly hate history... I cannot stand it... But i love Psychology, so i guess they cancel each other out! Oh... and I luv ToK... The fact that you can bullshit your way throught it, and fight about truth... it's the perfect subject. I think i would have to be the worlds worst coffee-hollic and procrastinator... and an all around 'special' person , but hey, at least i'm not boring! 

Luv  Starfish

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Hey there!

Considering I am friends with only three people on LJ who do the IB at MLC, I thought an introductory post might be useful. :D

So, hi everyone! I'm Natasha (you can call me 'Tash') and I'm new at MLC this year. Ooh, I'm boarding too. I'm currently doing English A1, Spanish ab initio, Chemistry, Economics, History and HL Mathematics, but would rather be doing something like Film instead of a second humanities subject. My other interests include playing the guitar (only at a competent skill level, though), singing and anything to do with television, music, movies and books.

Anyway, my current IB dilemma (every IB student has to have one, I guess) is my HL subject choices. My initial choices were based on my doing Law at university, but if I decide I want to do Economics instead, I need HL Maths, a subject I was planning to drop to SL in next year.

ANYWAY. Looking forward to seeing more people join this community. See you around MLC after the holidays end!
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